At Hunter Withers we love Benjamin Franklin’s quote “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We believe regular training and education is needed in order to improve, and we believe education should be available to all business owners at an affordable price.

Business Development Series

This four part series educates you on how to develop and grow your business in order to live the life you want. Unlike our other series these sessions do not flow from one to the other so can easily be attended on their own without attending all sessions in the series – although you are more than welcome to!


  • Cashflow Management Seminar

Making a great profit in your business is one thing, but that’s not much comfort to you if your cashflow is bad and what’s left in your bank account does not relate to your business profits.  

Join us for this 90 minute seminar where you’ll learn the different between profit and cash surplus, learn how the working capital cycle works, establish your Cash Conversion Cycle, identify the causes of poor cashflow in your business, and understand the process changes that improve your cashflow.


  • 7 Ways to Grow Your Business

This 90 minute seminar covers the seven most powerful ways to improve your business profitability. We’ll help you identify ways to maximise business efficiency, improve profit and cashflow and gain clarity on how to better lead and manage your business.

Take time out from working in your business to look at your business in a new light. Challenge yourself to set a clear roadmap for your business so that you achieve your business and personal goals.


  • Building a Better Business in 10 Steps

Join us for this 90 minute seminar where you’ll learn the 10 steps to reach your business’s full potential, gain clarity on where you can add value to your business and learn how to be a better business leader and create a strong workplace culture.


  • 3 Essential Tools

This 90 minute presentation covers how you can best deal with inevitable change and help you understand how these 3 business tools can give you more cash.


New to Business Education Series

This three-part series looks at the things you need to considering when setting up your business and helps to guide you right through the first 6-8 months of your business. Each session can be attended on their own or part of the series.


  • Starting a business

This 90 minute presentation takes you through how to turn your business idea in to a reality and the essential things you need to consider before starting a business. Learn how to get started, what different ownership structures are available, the basics on tax and GST and discover simple tools to make business easy.


  • New to business

Our 90 minute presentation was designed specifically to help those new to business. Join us to discover how to overcome common challenges you face early in your business journey, along with hearing about options for managing cashflow early on in your business.


  • Now You’re in Business

This 90 minute presentation covers challenges faced after being in business for 6+ months, including how to analyse performance, software choices and managing your insurance to ensure you are covered if something should happen.


Xero Seminar Series

This four-part series will take you through the Xero system – from the basics right through to advanced reporting. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long and can be attended as part of the series or own it’s own.


  • Best Practice

This is the first session in our Xero Seminar Series. This 60 minute session covers best-practice for using Xero, including GST best-practice and simplifying the year end process by learning how to prepare for year-end throughout the year.


  • Tips & Tricks

The second session in our Xero Seminar Series. Join us for this 60 minute session which demonstrates some tips and tricks in order to improve your efficiencies utilizing the Xero accounting software.


  • Using Xero to Improve your Business

Join us for this 60-minute session, the third in our Xero seminar series, to learn how to fully utilize Xero to improve your business. 


  • Reports and Budgeting

The fourth session in our Xero Seminar Series, this 60 minute session covers how to use the reports and budgeting in Xero. With many report options available, it can be difficult to determine which reports provide the best information. During this session we will go through the most useful reports, and complete an overview of the budgeting available in Xero.


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