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Business Analysis and Specialist Services


Chartered Accountants are listed as one of New Zealand’s most popular and trusted business advisors.

At Hunter Withers, we are not just number crunchers, we can assist in your key business decisions. If your business requires someone to help with strategy, goal, KPI setting or identifying your business’s Critical Success Factors, we are here to assist.


Starting in Business? Or are you an existing business reviewing whether you have the right structure in place?

There are a range of options – Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Trust or a combination of.

What is the best structure for your needs? What are the risks involved in your business? Talk to one of the Principals at Hunter Withers to see what is right for structure for your business.


If you are looking at:

  • + selling your business
  • + purchasing a business
  • + succession planning
  • + or for matrimonial purposes

At Hunter Withers we have the experienced team members that can complete business valuations or due diligence exercises.


At Hunter Withers, we provide company set up, accounting and secretarial services.

If you require a company set up (LTC or close company) we can assist with a low cost set up and also be the companies registered office.


In todays economic climate, forecasting can ensure that you have a measure for your business.

Financial institutions are continually requiring up to date information and Forecasting can give you a picture of what sate your business will be in at a certain point in the future.

Take a professional proactive approach if you are borrowing money from a financial institution and complete a forecast for your business.

  • + GST advice
  • + Rental Property accounting
  • + FIF (Foreign Investment Funds)
  • + Payroll Services
  • + ACC advice
  • + Commercial Property

Farming and Horticultural accounting and analysis… the list goes on.


In recent years there has been an explosion in Family Trusts to assist in asset and succession planning.

If you think you need a trust, Hunter Withers can assist assessing the need for a trust or be involved with your lawyer to ensure you get the correct structure for your trust from the outset.

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